15 ton stamping press in Montreal

  15 ton stamping press in Montreal is the special making machinery design and manufactured by Gerson which have many years experience in this field.

15 ton stamping press in Montreal

  What is Features of our automatic leather embossed logo stamping machine ? Urgent stop,high safety; Die-cutting by heater; auto count; E mbo ssig time and the temperature ajustable; automatic feeding system, fast, accurate, efficient.

  Die Board – For single cavity setups.

  Phase Converter- Option to switch the machine to run on single phase, 220V power.

  Using the glue point transfer technique, the glue is transferred evenly to the inner cloth in a point form, and then it is combined with the face cloth to make it into one.

  The harder lower belt contains a Velcro seam to mount the soft upper belt to.

  We have many machinery for your choice if you do not know which machinery is good for you.Contact us immediately.we will recommend the right model to you.

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