evoh sheet die clicker press in Sudan

  evoh sheet die clicker press in Sudan is very common used by our cutting machine made by Gerson which have used in many industry and material including foam sheet ,roll fabric,leather sheet ,cork sheet ,plastic sheet etc.,

evoh sheet die clicker press in Sudan

  Therefore, in the field test of the more precise models, the pressure of the detection system is adopted more frequently.

  This machine is suitable for continuous rapid punching of non-metallic sheets and coils of the same specification and large quantities in the same shape.

  All cylinder rods, exposed columns, and moving parts are sealed to prevent abrasive entr.

  4 steel posts design instead of guide-ways for punching movement and equipping linear guide-way for the front & rear feeders.

  7” W (650 × 2100 mm) machine bed.

  If have any other question ,please contact us immediately.we will quick reply for any question no matter what you have.

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