plastic tray die cutting machine manufacturer sales

  plastic tray die cutting machine manufacturer sales is produced by our factory named Gerson brand die cutting equipment which have more than 30 years experience this field .

plastic tray die cutting machine manufacturer sales

  Swing arm clicker pressTons: 8T, 10T, 12T, 16T, 20T, 25T Remark: We can make the machine according to your specifically order, for example the color, the motor information ,the working table etc.

  External fuel tank,cooling device,heat fully,cutting pressure stability,make the machine more durable.

  It can be equipped with cutting plate micro action device to evenly consume the cutting plate and save costs.

  The harder lower belt contains a Velcro seam to mount the soft upper belt to.

  The cutting machine is widely used in industrial leather, plastic, rubber, sponge, form, EVA, PVC, cardboard, paper products, fabric, home textiles, packaging materials, non woven, carpet, car cushion, felt, synthetic materials, and other soft non metal materials in various industries, extremely suitable for cutting multiple layers of materials at one time, etc.

  If have any other question ,please contact us immediately.we will quick reply for any question no matter what you have.

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