pu foam hydraulic beam press in Uganda

  pu foam hydraulic beam press in Uganda is built by our Gerson factory which have more than 30 years experience for cutting any material.We also custom built any die cutting machine for your requirement.

pu foam hydraulic beam press in Uganda

  Due to the precision of the cutting balance,it can reduce the loss of knife mold,and it also reduce the phenomenon that the powder clings to the box when cutting the food box.

  This full head press uses a four column construction, and in the best and strongest American engineering tradition.

  Stainless plate cutting pad to ensure perfect cutting edge for kiss cuttin.

  We were faced with a die cutting challenge on a multi layered part made up of foam fabric and plastic.

  Using high precision step-by-step system to control cropping width,cooperate with taiwans accuracy ball screw and dump rail,achive high precision cropping.

  Do you have any question ,please contact us by email or the inquiry form.we could reply you as soon as possible,normal is very quickly

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