Viton rubber hydraulic press in Lubbock

  Viton rubber hydraulic press in Lubbock is Gerson die cutting equipment made and designed by our rich experience team .We could custom built any cutting machine or other fully making machinery for your production.

Viton rubber hydraulic press in Lubbock

  Two or three axis servo motor position system guarantees position accuracy of ± 0.

  The double-side automatic feeding die cutting machine is mainly suitable for cutting various nonmetal materials and widely used in such industries as plastics packing, pearl cotton packaging, rubber and prining industries, etc.

  The grooves inside the electric control box are imported, with neat lines and clear line Number.

  The cutting depth of cutter is simple to set and the cutting is accurate.

  If you have any further ifnormation or question ,please feel free to send us inquiry or contact us.

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