300 ton hydraulic beam press in Union City

  300 ton hydraulic beam press in Union City is die cutting equipments for your production choice,no matter what kinds of production capacity you need.

300 ton hydraulic beam press in Union City

  50 cutting program memory for different die shapes.

  Patented Bottom Dead-Point Mechanism:Patented Bottom Dead-Point Mechanism exclusively developed by Gerson is adopted to achieve +/-0.

  Moreover, Gerson provides recommendations and training courses for its machines and equipments to individual customer and collect the users feedbacks regularly.

  Uper glue compound machine for sponge, cloth, EVA, human leather, non – woven fabric.

  This travelling head press machine is suitable for punching operations of non-metallic materials such as leather, plastic, nylon cloth, cardboard, foam and synthetic fiber in various industries.

  Please contact us immediately once you need the production information or requirement or need the price.

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