aluminum foil die stamping press in Oneida

  aluminum foil die stamping press in Oneida is the great useful die cutter machinery for stamping or punching out the material to form or cut out shapes based on request.

aluminum foil die stamping press in Oneida

  The machine automatically completes the blanking of the material, and the punch displacement distance and feed length can be accurately set.

  Automatic Justifying Tension Control System This system aims to a design for winding materials, thus making receipt control more steady and smooth.

  Can make cutting area according to the size of materials.

  The compulsory lubricant system is adopted for transmission bar, which avoids personal negligence to cause damage.

  Note: the cutting table size and head size can customized for your request.

  There have many machinery for your requiement,also Gerson can design and manfuactured the custom machinery based on your reques,welcome to contact us at any time.

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