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What You Should Know About Clicker Press:

Time to buy new press for your business? Or are you planning to start to buy clicker press instead of hand cutting ?

If you are aware of the latest market trend of die cutting machine, you might have come across with clicker press .

Yes, clicker press is one of the popular cutting machine choice for leather,fabric,rubber soft material thanks to all the advantages it offers.

In fact, clicker press simply outstand die cutting machine used in many industry such as ,shoes ,leather products,packaging ,autoparts etc.,

If you are not familiar with clicker press, here’s a complete A to Z guide.When you finish reading this article, you have a certain understanding of clicker press, which can help you choose the right equipments.

What you will find below:

1. What Is Clicker Press?

2. How does clicker press work?

3. Why Choose Gerson Clicker Press?

4. How to Select The Best Clicker Press?

1. What Is Clicker Press?

1.1 When was clicker press invented ?

Before 1800s ,there was no clicker press .The workers used the hammer to hit the cutting die mold knife,so that the cutting die can cut out the material .the die cutting means that cutting out the parts with the cutting die .This process is called die cutting ,and the machine is called die cutting machine or die cutting press .

When before 1800s,only hand cutting used in workshop.The hand cutting is very slowly ,so the clicker press was invented and used in shoes industry at the first time ,so that can speed up the cut working and save time.

hammer hand die cutting

At the 1900s ,many shoes factories are used clicker press to cut out the shoes upper leather .

1.2 what is the exact clicker press ?

Clicker press also known as clicking press is the machine instead of hand hammer ,which is a kind of machine that cuts materials using a cutting knife die. The “clicker” name comes from the sound (click) when the material is cut. May be hand, pneumatic, or hydraulic powered.The “press” name comes from hydraulic press.Because it is hydraulic driven which is one kinds of hydraulic press that for cutting nonmetallic material (leather ,fabric ,paper,rubber,cork,film etc.,)by a cutting die mold.

1900s clicker press

So the clicker press is one of die cutting machines or presses . The cutting die mold can make sure all the parts are the same .There have several kinds of cutting die molds can be used to work with clicker press.The nomal cutting die is steel rule die ,and the other is forged die .

The material that can be cutting by clicker press below :
Felt,Paper,cardboard,Sponge or Foam,Cork,Plastic,Leather,Foam,Rubber,Fibre,composite,Fabric,Textiles
and many sheet or roll .

The products that can be cutting by clicker press below :shoes,bags,gloves,packaging,gasket,puzzles,slippers,pads,mats,autoparts,etc.,

1.3 development of clicker press.

With the development of technology and the increase of labor costs, high-speed, intelligent machines are increasingly needed to replace the original traditional machines.Many factories now require fully automated production lines, which can continuously save costs and increase production. At the same time clicker press manufacturers are constantly developing new clicker press products, which can meet customer the automatic clicker press system will be invented and used in many industry in the future.

2.How Does Clicker Press Work?

Before using the clicker press ,you must make sure:

2.1 Enough hydraulic oil.

The normal clicker press is hydraulic driven. So all physical-chemical characteristics of the oil to be used on the machine, please refer to the unified mark “ISO 46 3,8o Engler at 50℃” easily recognised by all hydraulic oil retailers.We advise to use MOBIL DTE 25, or SHELL TELLUS 46, or the hydraulic meeting the standard of ISO VG 46.

2.2 corrected power supply.

Supply the power in the neighborhood: 3~+PE; 380V/50HZ/,220V/60Hz; or single phase 220V/50HZ,110V/50Hz etc.,

2.3 Corrected installation:(For example : Gerosn GRA-220 )

2.3.1. Remove the anti-rust grease on the surface of the Machine.

2.3.2. Put the rubber pads on the installation holes of the base of the Machine, and place the Machine stably .For installation, it’s advised to leave enough space for operation, and to think of the convenience for feeding-in and feeding-out.

2.3.3. Open the cover of the electric box, connect the power supply for the machine tools according to the electrical principle, and have the reliable grounding accordingly.Please ask the professional (the electrician) to have the reliable grounding.

2.3.4. Turn the power switch of the Machine from “0” to “1”. If the motor turns in the correct direction, the machine head would raise gradually. Otherwise, please adjust the phase of the power supply accordingly.

2.3.5. Start up the Machine for idle running about 5 minutes. Then, put the chock under the machine head, turn the potentiometer to “0”, press the handle button by two hands at the same time. Repeat it for several times so as to discharge out the air on the oil tank.

2.3.6. Switch off the power supply. The oil pump would stop running about 40 seconds later, and the machine head would decline slowly.

2.4 The clicker press works process:

2.4.1 install the machine ,see the process details above.

2.4.2 Please turn the Cutting Depth Setting Knob to the minimum position.
The two buttons should be pressed at the same time (with the difference no more than 1 second). Otherwise, it would not work accordingly.

2.4.3 Cutting Depth Setting & Trial Cutting

The clicker press needs to be debugged, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

1) Turn the Cutting Depth Setting Knob to the minimum position, and turn the Cutting Selection Switch on “Standard”.

2) Put the materials for cutting on the table accordingly.

3) Put the die-cutter on the materials.

4) Turn the Die-Cutter Setting Handwheel clockwise, the machine head would lift downward. Turn the Die-Cutter Setting Handwheel anticlockwise, the machine head would lift upward. Make the machine head about 10mm above the die cutter.

5) Move the machine head just above the die cutter, and make the machine head on the central line of the die cutter as much as possible (Drawing 9).

6) Press the two buttons on the handle at the same time so as to have the blanking.

7) If the die-cutter fails to cut down the materials completely, please turn the know to enlarge the cutting depth first, and then press the two buttons on the handle at the same time for blanking. In addition, it’s not advised to make the die-cutter to cut the base plate too deep. If so, please adjust the setting know to decrease the cutting depth accordingly.

8) After completing the commission for the standard cutting, it’s allowed to run the Machine.

2.4.4 Cutting works process:

1)Just simply place the sheet of soft material onto the cutting pad attached to the base of press.

2)Position the formed cutting die, cycle the two-hand push button controls,so the beam descends under hydraulic pressure .

3)Die cuts the shape by the cutting die mold .

4) The beam returns to the desired height setting

5) Move the beam away (left or right) ,Position the formed cutting die again for next cutting.

3.Why Choose Gerson Clicker Press?

1) More than 30 years experience of manufacturing clicker press.Gerson cares about quality more than quantity. We have gained trust of many good customer and keep excellent track records in terms of quality and workmanship.

2) Gerson Can cutstom build any kinds of clicker press for customers requirement.From small clicker press for big presses .From manual type to fully autoamtion production line.

3)Gerson have own die mold workshop to make the die ,so that can meet all the requirement of cutting slolution.

4)Gerson offer FREE quotation,Competitive price,Great post-sale services,Responsive customer support,FREE solution supply

5)Gerson clicker press are made from top quality steel and parts that is high in strength. It is durable to withstand against long term pressure and impact from daily activities.

4.How To Select The Best Clicker Press?

First ,you need to know how many types of clicker press.

4.1 How many types of clicker press ?

4.1.1 The nomal clicker press is swing arm clicker press .

It is also called swing beam clicker press which the above beam can be swinging or moving left or right by the workers’ hand so that it is easy to collect the die cut pieces and re-position the tool for the next cut.This is easy entry type clicker press.And it is for small pieces cutting .The cutting bed is less than 1200X600mm ,nomal size is 1000X500mm ,800X400mm etc.,Gerson can custom build any size .And the cutting force less than 30 ton.

4.1.2 The next level is traveling head clicker press.

The “traveling head” name ,comes from the head can be traveling left-right cutting bed.It is versatile die cutting machines which have larger cutting bed from 1600mmX500mm to bigger size 3000mmX1500mm etc., that designed to use small to medium cutting dies to cut a wide variety of materials.

4.1.3 The next level is Full head clicker press.

The “Full head” name ,comes from the head that the size same as the cutting bed .so called full head clicker press.It is for using high or low volume production for cutting both roll and sheet materials – single or multi layered.And most for cutting the large parts .The full head also called beam press .Most automatic beam press have auto sheet or roll  feed system.

the below device can be added to the press systems:

4.1.3 Small table top clicker press.

The “small table top” name ,comes from the press that can be putting on the tabletop .it is also known as benchtop clciker press .It is fully hand clicker press for very small parts cuttign and low volume production. Most for some leather crafts .Normal cutting force less than 5 ton .the nomal cutting force is from 1 ton to 5 tons .And size less than 380mm.

4.2 which model of clicker press for my production ?

4.2.1 You need to know what is the exact material that you want to be cutting from.Is it in sheet or roll material.The material size such as length ,width ,thickness .

4.2.2 What is the max cutting out parts size or your max cutting die size .

4.2.3 What is the production capacity requirement.Do you want manual or semi-auto or fully automatic machinery .

When you get the above ifnormation ,You need to caculate the cutting force that the material required and the cutting bed size must larger than the material.

If you have any question ,or still donot know which clicker press is good for your production.

you could contact our sales department to get the latest price .