custom built clicker press in LosAltos

  custom built clicker press in LosAltos is the popular die cutting equipments made by Gerosn factory .And can be for cutting out many material and products.

custom built clicker press in LosAltos

  How To Solve The Problem Of Burrs In Cutting Products.

  The most common uses are cutting soft to semi-rigid materials such as gaskets,leather, cork,elastic, foam, synthetic.

  Automatic strip cutting machine is a necessary choice for the footwear, clothing, luggage, shoes and hats,clothing accessories, medical supplies, reflective material factory, tent factory, umbrella factory, gift packaging,flags, decorative accessories such as making industry strip cutting, cutting (rolling) .

  The hydraulic system is designed for low noise, optimum efficiency, and low electricity consumption.

  Automatic and programmable sheeting (guillotine).

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