packaging foam 300 ton die cutter machine

  packaging foam 300 ton die cutter machine is widely used to cutting the material in the Footwear,Leather,Packaging , Automotive trim,Flooring,Gaskets,Electronic,Insulation Medical devices industry etc.

packaging foam 300 ton die cutter machine

  When it is pressed downwards, the cutting head will automatically slow down before it is 10mm away from the cutter so that there is no dimension error between uppermost layer and lowermost layer when cutting materials of multiple layers.

  Push Plate Feeding Type Hydraulic Cutting Press Machin.

  We cater to Space Research, Aerospace, Aircraft and electronic establishments for Defence, R & D and the private sector domain.

  The full head series of Gerson machinery feature a slide table to manually insert material onto the machine bed to be evenly cut by the dies.

  It adopts human-machine interface and Mitsubishi PLC programmable logic control.

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