roll feed die cutting machine in Bronx

  roll feed die cutting machine in Bronx is produced by our factory named Gerson brand die cutting equipment which have more than 30 years experience this field .

roll feed die cutting machine in Bronx

  The outer casing is welded with carbon dioxide by Q235 national standard material to avoid deformation.

  When the cutting head is pressed down, it will automatically slow down before contacting the cutting knife 10mm, so that when cutting the multi-layer material, there is no dimensional error between the upper layer and the lower layer.

  I must say that Gerson support was decisive to help us to meet local requirements and production performance, so said you may count with us for future business.

  The auto sheet feeder holds approximately 1000 0.

  Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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